Jan. 14, 2016

Below is a first hand account from Bernie about the struggles, the victories, and the support that helped bring him to his first 70.3 finish in 2014. He shows everyone, including those who are just starting out, YOU can do anything you set your mind to. Every journey begins with a first step. Wake your dreams up, act on them each day, and watch them turn into reality. 

"I was in IT work most of my adult life. This meant spending a lot of time seated in my car to and from servicing my clients. Sitting around was a big part of my life. Eating well was not always a priority. Diabetes didn’t wait long to come a knocking. Then came along an epic opportunity for my wife and our family to make a career and a geographical move. Goodbye Philadelphia, hello Charlotte.

Once in Charlotte, the kids went to school, and my wife went to the office. My business wasn’t easily portable so I gave it up. One day, about two and half years ago, I saw the neatest thing. A group of cyclists were flying down Rae towards Blakeney. Reality was I was out of shape and was well outside my doctor’s recommended weight range.
Kidding around with a long time friend, she jokingly challenged me to burn a thousand calories a day at the gym. A number we both knew was out of my reach. There is nothing like a friendly challenge to get me going though. I dropped a few pounds, and before I knew it, I was bike shopping.

Solo rides became group rides, group rides became the occasional group race. Another friend suggested in 2013 that I give triathlon a try. I can’t swim, I can barely run, so the bonehead in me signed up for the Shelby sprint. "Just keep swimming, Just keep running" was my mantra. Pool water tasted ok, and shin splints were my friends. Biking for the time being took care of itself. Shelby was a mild success considering the above.
My type A wife Ivy suggested after Shelby, I was ready for a half ironman. Later that week, I signed up for Try Charleston 70.3. 

More lap swims at the MAC, and more running wherever I can get it was the rule of the week(s). No training plan, no nutrition plan, and no coaching except for the kind suggestions I had received from friends who have raced more often than me. To be fair, the coaching option was always afforded me. If there was a smart way and a hard way of doing things, I would almost always choose the hard way. That is evolving."

Favorite Discipline:
My favorite discipline is the bike. My biggest challenge has been the swim. It is the discipline I have the least experience and knowledge of.

Career Highlight:
My career highlight so far has been the Charleston half. 

Favorite Local Race:
So far, it is Over the Mountain International. I felt it was supported well and had a great family atmosphere.

Biggest Race Day Mistake?
Hard to think of the biggest race day mistake because I have made so many mistakes. Lack of proper hydration has to be one near the top of my list.

Training Tool I could not do without?
My Garmin computer is the one tool I feel I cannot do without.

Do you have a strict nutrition regimen? 
I don’t have a strict nutritional plan. I do eat much better than I used to. I do have a need for a coffee and whey protein fix now and then.

What is your recovery regimen?
I like to go for a swim after a long training session or a race as a means of a recovery.

What are your goals for the upcoming year and beyond?
My goals for the upcoming year and beyond is to improve on my baseline race times. I want to get more fit and ultimately be able to race in a Ironman event.

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