May 16, 2016

Greetings team. We wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the tremendously strong start of 2016. I'm simply blown away by the newly forged strength of our growing team. In our training, in our motivation, our support for each other and our valued sponsors, the sweet smell of success is thick in the air. To outline a few of our accomplishments to date.

Eight new team members! The team is growing and between the welcoming spirit of our veterans to the positive attitude of "new blood," we couldn't be prouder of our growth.
A new communication platform including a website and this email newsletter service provided by our latest supporter, Streamline.Agency. A platform is only as good as its content so a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed stories and of course the superb editing. Please don't hesitate to fill out the form below if you are interested in being part of our editorial team.

Our first team social event was a great success and we would like to thank our esteemed sponsor, Charlotte Running Company for their hospitality and generosity. We are very excited by what's coming down the pipeline with this dynamic business. If you missed the presentation of Jeremy's special new kit item, check it out here

Our latest venture, HIT Cycling. What started as a simple conversation between coach and athlete not more than a month ago, has blossomed into a thriving indoor cycling studio literally overnight. Of course, our early success is thanks in large part to our gracious host, Performance Therapy. If you haven't tried a HIT session yet, please give it a try. It should be pointed out that the common theme of the majority of indoor cycling sessions is one of well, masochism (lookup Sufferfest, Pain Cave, etc. to get an idea) and we've played along with some references to pain and suffering, etc. Please trust us, this is not what HIT Cycling is all about. We do encourage the discovery of personal limits and we'll facilitate progress in performance, but we DO NOT encourage anyone to injure or otherwise compromise their triathlon season. Our "task master," Steve Hall is a highly dedicated and educated USAT coach and has designed intelligent plans for both members and non-members, so invite your friends!

A few questions have come up since HIT has opened up for business related to how to sign up and the short answer to all of your questions is "we're working on an 'App for That' so thank you in advance for your patience." In the meantime, there is a procedure that works and here's a simple play by play:

To sign up for sessions, there are three ways, but basically the process all starts on the "Events" page. This is where you select a HIT Training Session day and regardless of your membership level, you must RSVP to let us know when you are coming.

1. Try A Session - We've provided all team members with a free session, but if you would like to drop in "here and there" you can use the $10 ticket on the event page

2. Purchase A HIT Card - For convenience and to reward loyalty, we've prepared a physical punch card that you can purchase online here and pick up at Performance Therapy when you arrive at your first session. 

3. Become A Monthly Subscriber - For further cost efficiency, we've also enabled automatic monthly invoicing which can be found here. You'll be locked into our lowest per session rate. Even though you don't have to "pay as you go," however, you will still need to RSVP so that are notified of attendance and can prepare accordingly.

Finally, kits are on their way! We should be receiving our kit order at Epoch Universal within 2 weeks. We'll send out a newsletter immediately once have received shipment. In the meantime, for new members or anyone who did not pre-pay apparel online, we will be following up individually this week with an invoice for unpaid balances and for your convenience, this can be paid online via credit card. 

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication, the fun has only begun.

With much pride,

Paul Harrold

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