Jan. 15, 2016

1) A little bit of dirt never hurt anyone. 
2) Money doesn't grow on trees. 
3) Because I said so. 

Chances are you've heard one of these from your dad at some point in your lifetime. Chances are Kevin Casey has used them at one time or another. Kevin joined late in the 2015 season, and has been an active member ever since. He is a stay at home dad, an active member of the PTA, loves to cook, and a strong triathlete; finishing in the top of his age group in his 2014 season, all soundtracked by the Foo Fighters. What is truly remarkable about Kevin is the fact that in his spare time he works PRN in an orthopedic urgent care clinic, and at Matthews Free Medical Clinic. In May of this year he spent a week in Haiti providing care for the less fortunate families. His heart is big. His game is fierce. We look forward to watching this all star Dad crush it over the next year.

How did you get into Triathlon? 
Two years ago I was burned out racing criterium bike races and was looking for something else. I started swimming which lead to my first triathlon a year later in Huntersville, NC. 

What is your favorite discipline?
Without question, the bike. It’s my strongest leg and I need to put as much distance between me and everyone else in hopes they don’t catch me on the run!

What is your career highlight?
As far as triathlons go, probably finishing fourth in AG at the TriCharleston 70.3 last year. My bike split was a little slow but I somehow mustered to run a brisk 13.1. I was in a world of hurt after and did not think to check the results. I headed home and Wendy Rogers was nice enough to let me know that next day at our neighborhood pool. 
I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve done a lot of the tough NC mountain rides (Mt Mitchell, Beach2Battleship, Blue Ridge Brutal, Hurt Pain and Agony, BloodSweatGears) in under 5:40. 

And biggest challenge?
Running faster. 

Favorite local race?
Any one that has good beer at the finish line? Kidding aside, any race that I can do with friends or family. Local races should have a sense of community to them. 

What is the biggest race day mistake you’ve made that you’ll never forget?
Somehow I managed to grab a pair of my wife’s tri shorts for the local Lake Davidson Sprint last year. The fit was, well, as you can imagine it was less than ideal. 

What is your one training tool that you couldn’t live without?
I am beginning to rely more on my Garmin 910XT for following wattage on rides, but I still like to take my heart rate manually. 

Do you have a strict nutrition regimen?
Not really strict, more of a guideline. I like to make sure I have something from every food group every meal. 

Recovery regimen?
Coke and stretch after a race. The next day either a light swim or tempo ride and always YOGA. 

Goals for the upcoming year and beyond?
My goals from this point forward are to complete my first marathon in November in Savannah and then turn my attention to training for IM Chattanooga 2015. I am also excited to train with #EPT_Racing when I can and join in some of the relays next season.

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Apr 6th

Team Event (April) - HIT Cycling & Bradshaw's Social House

6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Team ride at HIT Cycling and social at Bradshaw's

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Jan. 3, 2016

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