Wednesday February 1st

One Time Only

Come meet your new teammates and hear about exciting events and updates for our upcoming year. Please save every first Wed of the month for a team meeting. You won't need to make all of them, but try to come to as many as you can.


Paul Harrold

Cast Iron Waffles & Espresso

Tri Suit

46 In Stock

EPT Racing's official tri suit

Short Sleeve Tri Suit

46 In Stock

EPT Racing Team's official racing tri suit

Short Sleeve Aero Tri Top

44 In Stock

EPT Racing's Official Tri Top

Short Sleeve Jersey

28 In Stock

EPT Racing's official cycling jersey

Bib Shorts

43 In Stock

The official bib shorts of the EPT Racing Team

Cycling Shorts

47 In Stock

EPT Racing's Official Race Shorts

Convertible Jacket

50 In Stock

Official jacket of EPT Racing

Wind Jacket

50 In Stock

EPT Racing's official wind jacket

Wind Vest

49 In Stock

EPT Racing's official wind vest

Training Survey

15 Questions

Fact gathering mission for EPT Racing

I Tri For Good

$5,000.00 Goal

EPT Racing Charity

Alpha-1 Village

$5,000.00 Goal

EPT Racing charity

OwnWay Apparel

Official triathlon apparel sponsor for EPT Racing

Charlotte Running Co.

Official running store sponsor for EPT Racing

Epoch Universal

Founding sponsor of EPT Racing

Sustainable Nutrition

Official health & nutrition sponsor for EPT Racing

Ortho Carolina

Official orthopedics sponsor for EPT Racing

Performance Therapy

Founding sponsor of EPT Racing

Triple C

Official brewery sponsor of EPT Racing

Paul Harrold

Team Founder | CEO of Epoch Universal

Mike Danenberg

Team Founder | Owner of Performance Therapy NC

Jeremy Walton

beastmode: (adj) A hype, energetic, outgoing, wilding out state of mind.

Wendy Rogers

ambitious: (adj) eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success, power, specific goal.

Michele Willemin

Part One: #TeamWillemin

Steve Willemin

Part Two: TeamWillemin

Heather Danenberg

twinkle toes: (n) a person who is nimble and quick on their feet.

Carol Ann Hood

spit fire: (n) a person with fierce passion.

"Mayor" Jack Heil

If you're lucky enough to meet Jack, you're lucky enough.

Dirk Wünsche

Dirk's Description

Laura Fricano

Laura's description

Jennifer Coira Giesber

dexterous: (adj) having or showing great skill or cleverness : showing dexterity

Brittany Grady

BG for short, this mama of three little ladies puts the pow in pink.

Jason Philbin

fleet footed: (adj) nimble and fast on one's feet.

Laurie Walton

mama bear: (n) a mom who can be cuddly and lovable but also has a ferocious side when it's necessary to protect.

Bernie Chin

Bernie has been a member of EPT Racing since 2014

Jen Keith

force de frappe: (n) a force equipped to deal a quick offensive or retaliatory blow -- BOOM.

Laura Haid

resolute: (adj) firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.

Andy MacKenzie

macK daddy: (n) a conspicuously successful gentleman

Beth Hernandez

fire starter: (n) of flammable material used to help start a fire (within)

Karen Wood

limitless: (adj) without end, limit, or boundary.

Laurent Painchaud

Très vite : French for don't blink, he just passed you. (definition fabricated)