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we are now offering high intensity cycling performance session at Performance Therapy! Now is your chance to train with our very own USAT sanctioned coach, Steve Hall.
Your current setup of bike, a trainer, and either Ant+/Bluetooth heart rate monitor + speed/cadence will work perfectly. Using a power meter is great, but not absolutely necessary.


  • Bike (Road or TT)
  • Trainer (most work, but see below for list)
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Speed & Cadence Sensor
  • Power Meter (if you have one)
  • Drop-ins - $10 member, $15 non-member
  • 10 Session Punch Cards - $90 member, $135 non-member
  • Unlimited Monthly $75/month member, $100 non-member

All participants must sign a waiver and we strongly suggest consulting a doctor before engaging in any strenuous activity. Unlimited sessions subject to availability of trainers and/or coaches. *$75 for EPT Team Members, $100 for non-members.

Low Monthly Memberships - Only $75

Laurent Painchaud

HIT Cycling
"I have been a few times now to HIT Cycling and I wish I could go more often. The setup is professional, the motivation is intense and the results are unimpeachable. My only suggestion would be for a more continuously updated music selection and perhaps a few more time slots during the middle of the day. Won't need much more improvement to be a 5-star establishment!"

Heather Fisher

HIT and Performance Therapy
"The HIT sessions have made me a much stronger and overall confident cyclist. I look forward to the camaraderie with my EPT teammates each week and the laughter and sufferfest that follows. The hand-on coaching is priceless. I would highly recommend these classes to any level athlete if you are looking to get stronger and faster on the bike!"

Laurie Walton

"My husband had an unusual nerve growth on his left ring finger. It kept getting bigger and bigger, and we were concerned about it. We didn't know who to go to about it. We asked several medical professionals about it but they couldn't recommend anyone.
I contacted Kevin Casey about it and he immediately recommended Dr. Lewis with OrthoCarolina He took care of it without any problems. He was kind, knowledgeable and professional.
His finger is back to normal now.
Thank you Kevin and OrthoCarolina for taking good care of my husband! "

Beth Hernandez

Performance Therapy
"after each session with Mike Dannenberg,
I walk away with new tools and a better understanding for how I can improve my running form and overall training performance. Not only is he an expert at the ART technique, he's taught me a lot about nutrition and hydration - all of the things needed for great athletic performance on and off the race course!"

Steve Hall

Jan. 23, 2016

Steve's Race Blog

What exactly is required for my bike, trainer, sensors, etc. to work properly at these sessions?

For the most part, your current setup of bike, trainer and either Ant+/Bluetooth heart rate monitor + speed/cadence will work perfectly. Using a power meter is great, but not absolutely necessary. We are using PerfPro for now and here is their page with a full listing of recommended trainers.

Click here for all the nerdy tech speak - scroll down for the list of trainers: PerfPro's Website