February Newsletter
Feb. 10, 2016
Greetings team. We wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the tremendously strong start of 2016. I'm simply blown away by the newly forged strength of our growing team. In our training, in our motivation, our support for each other and our valued sponsors, the sweet smell of success is thick in the air. To outline a few of our accomplishments to date...


May 16, 2016

Monthly updates from EPT Racing

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New Members

Heather Muench-Fisher

shark: (n) marine predators, sometimes dangerous


David Scibor

Hana hou: Hawaiian word for encore, do it again.


Beth Hernandez

fire starter: (n) of flammable material used to help start a fire (within)


Karen Wood

Team Blogger

limitless: (adj) without end, limit, or boundary.


Laurent Painchaud

Très vite : French for don't blink, he just passed you. (definition fabricated)

A special presentation to a founding member

A Special Presentation At Tonight's Event

EPT Racing

Having some fun with our fastest swimmer. Many thanks to Beth Hernandez for the awesome caps!

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