Ask any of her training partners, and they will assure you, Brittany means business. When she dedicates herself to something, rest assured, she will see it through no matter how hard it hurts.

Brittany Grady

One of the perks of living in Charlotte is we are only 2.5 hours from beautiful Charleston, SC. Simply hop in the car and before you know it, you are in one of the most popular southern towns in the Southeast. Brittany decided, driving to Charleston was optional. Brittany Grady was only the 2nd female ever to take part in a friendly, fast, 200+ mile cycling adventure, from Charlotte to Isle of Palms, SC, in ONE day. The Double Down takes cyclists on a full day ride of a lifetime, followed by participating in the Cooper River Bridge Run the following morning. Not only did Brittany participate, she set her personal record along the way. She continues to want to better herself in all aspects of this sport, showing her three daughters a role model with the heart of a champion.

How did you get into Triathlon?

My girlfriend and I were talking about doing one and I had said that it had always been a bucket list thing for me. So we looked some up and we decided to do the Ramblin Rose Triathlon in Huntersville.

What is your favorite discipline?

That's a tricky one....if you had asked me a year ago it was the bike, then 5 months ago it was swimming. (Had to swim because of a foot injury) Now I've been running all over town. Partly because of a race but also I felt like I needed to find my love for running again. That's the awesome thing about this sport. When you are unable to do one of the disciplines there are two more to choose from. Not to mention how they can crossover each other.

And biggest challenge?

I love all the sports, I guess it's just finding a good balance with all of them and staying healthy in the process.

What is your career highlight?

I have two.  I was the second female ever to ride from Charlotte to Charleston as part of the annual Double Down. It was such an awesome experience. The second is placing in my age group for the first time. I thought to myself "I don't suck as an athlete." Haha!

Favorite local race?

Huntersville Sprint. Love the pool and it was the first time I ever placed.

What is the biggest race day mistake you’ve made that you’ll never forget?

Not eating enough a few years ago at Stumpy Creek International. It was blazing hot on the run and my heart rate was sky high. It is a two loop run course and I almost called it quits, but didn't. I knew my family was there and I always tell my girls 'you gotta finish what you start'. So, I had to practice what I preached!

What is your one training tool that you couldn’t live without?

I know it said one but I am giving two. My AWESOME family is by far the first thing that I couldn't live without! They are always cheering for me no matter what. I couldn't ask for a better support system. The second thing is also in my cheering section, and that would be my awesome ‪#EPT_Racing teammates! Every time I with them I take a little piece of their advice. They also encourage me to do better and to push myself. It is really nice to be around such awesome people!

Do you have a strict nutrition regimen?

No! I really should. I try to eat as healthy as possible but I have a few weaknesses....that shall remain nameless. Ha!

Recovery regimen?

Shower, eat, and rest.

If you have any advice for folks who have yet to begin their endurance racing journey, what would it be?

The race is only with yourself. Don't compare yourself to others. It's not fair to you and above all have fun! That's what it's about.

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