A cup full of determination, a dash of sass, and baking at 350 degrees with pure relentless dedication, is a recipe for EPT athlete, Jen Giesber

Jennifer Coira Giesber

Before discovering her love for the sport, Jen was a successful massage therapist and chef. She now challenges herself daily with her new passion of swimming, biking and running. Jen continuously educates herself not only on how shecan be a better athlete, but a better teammate. Stay tuned for next season's #CookingCorner with Jen, where she'll share her favorite recipes to full the everyday athlete. 

How did you get into Triathlon?
I had a major life whammy occur. I was in shock and needed to channel the emotions into a better place. I also knew I needed to make some major life changes even without having any other whammy happen. All of the sudden Wendy Rogers and Anne Clark, two awesome mommies I met when all of our kids attended the same preschool, said, come to Randy Peterson’s 5:30am spin class in January of 2013. I did, I kept going, I ended up at MAC buying a swim suit with my two amazing friends, then was at Harris swimming laps. I was asked if I was training for Ramblin Rose and I said “A what? “. I told Wendy and she said sign up you can do it! Randy loaned me his road bike, got a kit, started training and did the RR at Harris Y May of 2013. The triathlon bug bit me big time and I have not stopped since, nor do I plan on stopping. I absolutely love it. It changed my life giving me more life in ways I never imagined. 

What is your favorite discipline? 
I love swimming and biking. They are the least painful and most enjoyable. Both allow me to really be me and I feel amazing when I do them. 

What is your career highlight? 
Crossing my first finish line. I am so thankful for the friends, new and old, that inspired me to get there. 

And biggest challenge? 
Navigating and learning how to balance family, life, and training. Not allowing your mental strength you need for training and racing to get compromised because of what gets presented outside of triathlon. Telling the doubt and comparison monsters to get out and stay out! And then there’s running. Running and I are getting better. Our relationship is growing to a more positive, less painful, and faster place. 

Favorite local race? 
Lake Norman Sprint. Just did it for the first time and I loved it!

What is the biggest race day mistake you’ve made that you’ll never forget? 
Over thinking. I over think and analyze and then have a panic attack in the swim. I am thinking too far ahead. I have to think in small calm sections but actually not thinking at all is what really works. Just do it, get from A to B in this little part, then next step.

What is your one training tool that you couldn’t live without? My amazing triathlon coach Laura Sciepko, my amazing swim coach Patty Waldron, and my teammate and amazing friend Wendy Rogers. I can’t name just one. Without these three, I would be a hot triathlon mess.

Do you have a strict nutrition regimen? 
Everyone reading this knows what I post on Facebook in the food department. I am a chef and pastry chef so obviously, I LOVE to cook! No, I don’t have a strict regimen but I know what I put in my body will make or break my performance. My body let’s me know it too. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, try to eat lean meats.

Recovery regimen? 
Isagenix Isapro is awesome! Love that recovery shake with banana, blueberries and strawberries. After a race I love to eat Thai, Vietnamese or a big platter of sushi. If you put all three in front of me, I will eat it.

Goals for the upcoming year and beyond? 
I know I have a 70.3 in me. I want a full #IRONMANone day. Until then, I need to see how I do in my first half distance and take it from there. One race at a time.

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