"What do you get when you put a Southern belle and a jaguar together? Laura is another founding member of the #EPT_Racing team, a loving mom of three, and one to likely podium at whatever race she is competing in."

Laura Fricano

What do you get when you put a southern belle and a jaguar together? Laura Fricano, our#FeatureFriday athlete of the week. Laura is another founding member of the #EPT_Racing team, a loving mom of three, and one to likely podium at whatever race she is competing in. Her dedication is like no other. When training with Laura, one might need to bring a few things... 1. Bring your A game; because the girl does not mess around. 2. Bring a towel, because 9 times out of 10 she'll work you to Zone 6, smiling. 3. Bring a camera, because she is one that always has a positive attitude and a bright smile to light up any picture... even in Zone 6.

How did you get into triathlons?
I got into triathlons after my third child was born. I started running since I had three young children at home because it was the quickest, most efficient workout on a time crunch. I quickly became bored with just running and started swimming. I figured if I was capable of running, swimming and doing spin classes at the Ymca, why not buy a cheap bike and do a triathlon! After my first race, Tri Latta, I was hooked!!!

What is your favorite discipline?
My favorite discipline depends on the day! I really do enjoy all 3 which is why I love the sport of Triathlon so much. Just when I become bored or possibly injured with one discipline, I get to change gears and move to another!!!! I love my Masters swim team, have wonderful friends/groups to ride with and I’ve always enjoyed running because it is so simple!

What is your career highlight?
My career highlight is by far completing my first Ironman with a respectable time.

What is your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is balancing training time with family/leisure time.

What is your favorite local race?
Tri Latta was my first triathlon, so that race will always be special. I like Over the Mountain because that race keeps you challenged and builds character every time.

What is your biggest race day mistake?
Trying something new on race day. At IM Louisville, everyone talked about the heat and how they had all these supplements with electrolytes. I got nervous because I didn’t have the electrolyte supplement that everyone else talked about and decided to take some with me the next day at the race. I hadn’t practice with the supplement and it ended up causing stomach pain. Fortunately, I was able to overcome it but I did regret trying some new nutrition on race day. 

What is one training tool you can’t live without?
I actually have 3 training tools that I can’t live without. One, my Garmin 910 keeps me humble and honest. Two, my friend and training partner Carol Ann Hood keeps me inspired and always builds me up! Three, my coach Kelly Fillnow keeps me positive, mentally in the game, and healthy!

Do you have a strict nutrition regimen?
I believe in moderation. Most anything is ok if it is sensible and in moderation. One of the benefits of Ironman or marathon training is that you get to splurge a little smile emoticon

What is your recovery regimen?
SLEEP! The body truly repairs and heals itself with sleep. Good sleep makes me so excited to face another day of hard training work. 

What are your goals for the upcoming year and beyond?
The most immediate goal for me is the Chicago Marathon in Oct. 2014 followed by a 2nd Ironman in 2015.

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Laura Haid

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