Founding member of EPT Racing, Michele is a 2X Ironman Finisher completing both Louisville and Chattanooga courses.

Steve and Michele Wilemin

Steve and Michele Willemin celebrated 20 years of marital bliss in 2014. They are incredibly active in the endurance racing community. If you see one of them, there is a very good chance the other is not far behind. They set goals together. They push each other. They are a constant support system for not only themselves, but for all those around them. They are founding members of #EPT_Racing, on their way to another 140.6 in 2015... together. 

How did you get into Triathlon? 

We both took interest when we still lived in Ohio but didn't know anyone involved with them. Two years after we moved to NC we met someone who had done Over the Mountain Olympic. Our interest got the best of us and two months later we were both signed up for that race -- with no bikes to our name. That was 2008. We trained on our hybrid bikes and borrowed road bikes for the race. We eventually bought bikes, started riding a lot with the Bee Team and we were hooked. We signed up for more races, started training on the same schedule, and for the next four years did almost every race together. 

What is your favorite discipline? 

Michele> Probably running but I love getting back on the bike after time off. Steve> Not swimming!!!

What is your career highlight? 

Michele> Louisville Ironman 2011. Steve> Beach2battleship full in 2011. Michele and I were trained and ready for Louisville IM but unfortunately it didn't go as planned for me. I wanted to give it another go so I kept training and did B2B two months later. That finish turned out much better. 

And biggest challenge?

Michele> Staying motivated. Steve> Fitting in the longer workouts. 

Favorite local race?

Our favorite race is actually a running event in the mountains. We've done the Blue Ridge Relay eight times and the Southern Blue once. It's fun to share the insanity with other like ourselves. 

What is the biggest race day mistake you’ve made that you’ll never forget? 

Michele> It's more of a regret. It was my first IM at Louisville and as I was coming into the finishing shoot I was more interested in "finishing strong" and "by myself" (so my name would be announced alone) I guess you could say I forgot to take the time to appreciate the spectators or the long hard road I just traveled. It might not sound like a big deal but smiling a little and slapping some high-fives might have left a better ending memory. 
Steve> Not being familiar with the rules/penalties, I once left T2 without my race number. For fear of being DQ'd I turned around to go get it adding about 6 min to my time where if I had just crossed the finish line without it I would have had a penalty of only 2 min.

What is your one training tool that you couldn’t live without? 

Michele> Oddly, my spandex run shorts and of course, that wonderful guy I sleep next to every night! Steve> My Garmin and that beautiful lady I wake up to every morning. (We had to fit those loving lines in somewhere)

Do you have a strict nutrition regimen? 

Michele> Not really. I'd say I'm sensible. I stay away from fast foods and most other fried foods. I love sweets but I'm pretty good at limiting those. My struggle right now are those fru-fru coffee drinks. Steve> I'm trying to eat more protein and lay off the carbs but mostly I just eat what Michele buys and cooks.

Recovery regimen? 

Michele> Recovery drink (Infinit), stretch, and daily naps. Steve> Recovery drink and stretching. 

Goals for the upcoming year and beyond? Chattanooga IM 2015 for both of us. Michele> I hope to strengthen my bike this year. Steve> Maybe a 50 miler sometime in the future.

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