Team Leader

EPT Racing's fearless leader who has orchestrated numerous partnerships, building not only a community of athletes, but a marketable force to be reckoned with.

Paul Harrold

Paul is the CEO of Epoch Universal, based locally in the Ballantyne area. He has offices in Irvine, CA and Colorado Springs, CO. Epoch specializes in technical consulting including designing, provisioning, implementing and supporting advanced IT solutions for clients.

Paul is another founding member of this team. In 2013, he saw an opportunity to continue to bring 30 athletes together in training, and racing triathlons. Since then, he has partnered with Performance Therapy creating the power house that is Epoch Performance Therapy Racing.

If he is not out providing top notch customer experiences, you will find him training. Whether it is on the pool deck, leading a group ride, or sponsoring a local 10k, Paul dedicates 100% to whatever he is doing. Rarely do you find someone so personable.

Have a safe and happy 4th — We’ll see you out at the races!

How did you get into Triathlon?
My first experience with the sport of triathlon came in late 2003 when I agreed to sign up for the California Half Ironman Triathlon (IM Oceanside 70.3) with two coworkers. At the time I signed up I didn’t own a bike and had never done more than a 5k running event. Needless to say, during my training I completed my first half marathon (San Diego Half), my first century ride (Solvang Century) and I went on to complete the half Ironman in a time of 7:08:06.

What is your favorite discipline?
My favorite discipline in the sport of triathlon is by far the bike. While I enjoy swimming and running I love riding my bike. Time trials, triathlons, century rides, group charity rides, nothing better than being on two wheels.

What is your career highlight?
While completing my first half ironman (California Half Ironman) in 2004 with a time of 7:08:06, then returning 10 years later to complete the same course (IM Oceanside 70.3) in 5:55:32 was a huge career highlight, nothing will ever compare to crossing the finish line at IM Coeur d’Alene in 2012. Everyone knows that rush of emotion you feel when you finish a race, crossing the finish line at IM CDA was surreal.

And biggest challenge?
The most challenging event I’ve ever completed was Blood, Sweat & Gears in 2013. Against the recommendation of several people I took my tri bike to the event which was geared for going fast on a TT course. After completing the first climb (5 miles into the ride) I knew I was in trouble. I went on to make the time cutoff and finish the event but vowed to never do that event again. Needless to say, I’m doing it again this year, on the same bike however this year it will be geared properly.

Favorite local race?
My favorite local race is the Jetton Park Triathlon hosted by Jeff and Sheila Wakeman. I’ve volunteered at this event, competed in this event as an age grouper and took second place in the men’s relay last year.

What is the biggest race day mistake you’ve made that you’ll never forget?
This biggest race day mistake I ever made was at the California Half Ironman in 2004. I did not use any body glide around the back of my neck when I put my wetsuit on, as a result I had major chaffing. It made for a very long and painful race and took weeks to heel.
What is your one training tool that you couldn’t live without?
When it comes to training, I couldn’t live without my Garmin or iPod. I’m big on accountability and the Garmin definitely keeps me accountable. I love to listen to music when I run so the iPod is a must.

Do you have a strict nutrition regimen?
While I do follow a strict “fueling” regimen for longer endurance races, I do not follow a strict nutrition regimen on a daily basis. I love to eat (and drink), that’s the whole reason I do triathlons so I can continue to do so.

Recovery regimen?
I do not have a specific recovery regimen that I follow other than to plan recovery (or active recovery) days into my training schedule. I listen to my body, it lets me know when I need to push harder or take more rest.

Goals for the upcoming year and beyond? 
My biggest goal for this year is to grow and develop the EPT Racing Triathlon Team. I feel as though we are off to a great 2014 season as a new team with a lot of room for improvement for the 2015 season. It is amazing to be surrounded by such great athletes, amazing sponsors and a sense of camaraderie as a team.

Epoch Universal

Founding sponsor of EPT Racing

Ortho Carolina

Official orthopedics sponsor for EPT Racing

Performance Therapy

Founding sponsor of EPT Racing

Laurent Painchaud

HIT Cycling
"I have been a few times now to HIT Cycling and I wish I could go more often. The setup is professional, the motivation is intense and the results are unimpeachable. My only suggestion would be for a more continuously updated music selection and perhaps a few more time slots during the middle of the day. Won't need much more improvement to be a 5-star establishment!"

Laurie Walton

"My husband had an unusual nerve growth on his left ring finger. It kept getting bigger and bigger, and we were concerned about it. We didn't know who to go to about it. We asked several medical professionals about it but they couldn't recommend anyone.
I contacted Kevin Casey about it and he immediately recommended Dr. Lewis with OrthoCarolina He took care of it without any problems. He was kind, knowledgeable and professional.
His finger is back to normal now.
Thank you Kevin and OrthoCarolina for taking good care of my husband! "

Beth Hernandez

Performance Therapy
"after each session with Mike Dannenberg,
I walk away with new tools and a better understanding for how I can improve my running form and overall training performance. Not only is he an expert at the ART technique, he's taught me a lot about nutrition and hydration - all of the things needed for great athletic performance on and off the race course!"

Laurent Painchaud

Performance Therapy
"I have been going to see Mike and Matt at Performance Therapy for a few months now and all I can say is that they live up to the promise of their name! PERFORMANCE + THERAPY as in I've been experiencing tremendous gains in my endurance sports performance without the debilitating injuries that I have had in the past when pushing my body too hard. Mike has been using ART and other techniques to work on some serious scar tissue in my hamstring, but has also worked on correcting various inefficiencies in my running gait and posture. Matt is my strength coach and has been working with me on my mobility and fostering new movement patterns to correct my bad habits. A well earned 5 star rating for Performance Therapy! Top marks."

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Mike Danenberg

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Jeremy Walton

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"Mayor" Jack Heil

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