Very rarely will you come across an athlete like Wendy Rogers. She is of a certain breed... one that feeds off of hard work, determination, sweat, and sometimes blood.

Wendy Rogers

Wendy is the animal that you see in the Nike commercials. The beast who wakes up at 4:00am to get a two hour workout in before getting her three kids up, fed, and off to school -- only to volunteer at the same school at least 4 times a week. For every hour she trains, she makes sure to spend twice that with her family. One of her daughter's favorite outfits to wear to school is her Mom's old tri kits -- a true testament to her biggest hero, her mama. She completed her second Ironman in Texas this year, finishing in just under 12 hours. If you are lucky enough to train with Wendy, she will push you to be your very best, because she knows that if she can do it, you can too.

How did you get into triathlon?

I got into triathlon summer of 2009. I had been a runner for years and was training for my first marathon. I decided to start swimming laps in the morning at my local pool. While there, I asked four friends to do a triathlon with me (I had to explain what it was to each of them) and we chose to race Lake Norman sprint. I started going to the open water swim practices the YMCA hosts as much as I could and was happy I did. I was the only one out of group who ended up doing the race. I never biked in preparation and actually borrowed a friend's bike to use in the race. After finishing, I was hooked and signed up for every race I could the following season.

What is your favorite discipline?

My favorite discipline currently is the bike, only because I haven't been running hardly at all since my first Ironman. So when I do now, I feel what it feels like to not be a "runner" and that is no fun. When I am able to get my miles back up, It'll go back to running I'm sure.

What is your career highlight?

Completing my first Ironman after finding the strength to run off the bike -- I had injured myself so badly I could hardly walk due to a fit issue.

And biggest challenge?

Biggest challenge by far is finding the right balance between my family and training. I'm still trying to find it!

Favorite local race?

My favorite local race is probably Tomahawk Triathlon put on by Start2Finish. The swim is up at Cane Creek and the bike has rolling hills out where I train and the run is THE hardest twisty-turny (but well marked) trail run I have experienced. I love a good challenge. And all the local racers come out for it so you tend to know everyone.

What is the biggest race day mistake you’ve made that you’ll never forget?

My biggest race day mistake was drinking milk with my pb&j sandwich for breakfast. Didn't think it was a bad idea at the time, but racing White Lake Half in 92 degrees tends to warm up your body temperature and everything in your stomach and I have never experienced such discomfort in my gut. I made it through though!

What is your one training tool that you couldn’t live without?

My one training tool I cannot live without would be my Garmin 910. I was opposed to the whole idea at first, and I even owned and never used the first model. But I was talked into it by my teammate and now I use it religiously. If I could just get it right during a race and hit the lap button instead of the stop button!!!

Do you have a strict nutrition regimen?

No. Everyone knows I LOVE candy. Only thing I swear by is using course nutrition for whatever big race I am training for. I don't like to carry a lot on me, risk losing anything, or weigh my bike down with my own nutrition.

Recovery regimen?

I never used to believe in recovery. I never took a day off and pushed every training session to the max. Until about a year and a half ago when my body just shut down and was in desperate need of some recovery. I now take at least one day off a week and now with kids home, several days off. I recover after a race, I see Mike Danenburg at Performance Therapy, and I foam roll on my own. I also love ice baths!

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