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Last year we paid our balances with follow up invoices, why has that changed?

This year the procedure is different for all of us. We need to pre-pay each item with the apparel vendor. This is why we require our team members to place their orders and we will refund the difference promptly.

How long will it take to get my kit allowance refunded?

Firstly, we need to use the refund process because some athletes will choose to purchase additional kit. Here's our policy: As soon as we have an order submitted and received by a member of our order facilitators, we will ensure that the details are correct, verify the difference in order total vs. allowance and issue a refund immediately. This process should be same day, will most likely take 48 hours on average, but will absolutely be resolved within 30 days.

Why must I pay for the kit up front and then be refunded?

We are providing additional value in the kit order ($205 for returning members and $285 for new members). Over the past few years, many team members choose to purchase additional kit items or make substitutions. In order to be both very flexible with our team members and ensure that the kit is ordered in a timely manner, this year we are pre-paying each item with our supplier. Our policy is to review each order in a very timely manner and refund balances as quickly as possible (in most cases this should be within 48 hours)