What is your name?
What is your email?
Please let us know what events you participated in this year? Include triathlon, swimming, cycling and running events in which you represented as EPT Racing. List all events separated by a comma.
Please let us know what volunteering you did this year. This is helpful for us to plan some group volunteering events in 2018.
What disciplines will you focus on for the 2018 season? Select all that apply.
In which types of events are you planning to race in 2018? Please select all that apply.
Our team is small, but we can do great things in 2018 if we are well organized. Apart from racing, how else might you be able to help the team next year? Please select all that interest you.
What else would you like to see added to the EPT Racing Online shop?
How often would you like to get together with team members for social events and team meetings?
What do you like MOST about being part of the EPT Racing Team?
What do you like LEAST about being part of the EPT Racing Team? These answers will NOT be shared with the team so please be as honest as possible.
Please let us know who you would like to nominate for the EPT Racing team for the 2018 season and let us know why you have selected them. This includes athletes who focus on Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling and Running. (Note: Dues for new members will be $200.00 and they will be responsible for purchasing all required EPT Racing apparel)
For the 2018 season we will be introducing a new look for our team apparel as well as adding new sponsors and removing a few of our current sponsors. As a result all members will be required to purchase the new apparel for the disciplines they will be racing in for the 2018 season. All team apparel will be available on the EPT Racing team store in December, 2017 so that we can have our new gear by February, 2018. All previous EPT Racing apparel will be acceptable to wear for training purposes. All returning members will be required to pay an annual dues of $125.00 which will be used to support our website cost, team events and community events in which we represent as a team. Based on the information above are you planning to return for the 2018 season?
Anything else that you'd like to add? Please let us know.